What is the longest jigsaw blade?

Same as certain movie celebrities, a few tool accessories are really identified for their width and length. Providentially, jigsaw blades are not categorized as either.

Look if someone has a heavy hard piece of wood, and he has to cut it frequently without bandsaw handy, then this task could be difficult. In starting the jigsaw, blades were not enough long and thicker, but now we have a variety of long blades for jigsaws.

In this time, modern types of jigsaw blades are in the market that can give you excellent cutting with multiple curves. An ideal length of jigsaw blades is about 10 inches, and this length is fine to cut anything solid.

Well, after long research and experiences here, we have described the most advent and long blades of jigsaw machines. These blades will surely cut your material in ultimate designing and proper finishing. Let us have a look:

1. Bosch T1044DP HCS Jigsaw:

Here we have an amazing jigsaw blade that has the fine length for proper cutting. The Bosch jigsaw blade offers you clean cutting for thick wooden materials like; timber, chipboard, wooden core plywood, fiberboards, and softwood, etc. Normally, these blades are thicker as 0.062 mm and long as 0.625mm.

This type of jigsaw blade is capable of cutting all wooden pieces with a width of 9inches, and overall, this blade can cut about 10 inches. Bosch HCS jigsaw machine blades are side-set ground type jigsaw blades that are specially designed with the highest quality, confirming sharp and steady blades.

Bosch HCS blades can exactly cut easily without any blade deflection. These blades are designed as both tapers back tooth and ground types. Undoubtedly these blades are having HCS (high carbon steel), and this HCS is the best quality steel for tools.

The company offers three blades in each packet, and yes, you may have Bosch HCS jigsaw blades at reasonable prices.

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2. Long Jigsaw Blade 120mm Wood/Plastic 3 Pack

Recently “GREAVES&CO” has introduced the most affordable and long blades for jigsaw machines. The name of this incredible blade is even “long jigsaw blade.” The total length of this blade is 120 mm, and it can give your desired cutting for thicker wooden and plastic sheets.

The long jigsaw blade is made up of durable steel, and the design of this blade is uniform. This blade is recently launched by the GREAVES&CO manufacturer, so the majority of people do not have any particular idea about this blade.

3. 120mm 6 tpi Jigsaw Blades

Our third selection for the longest jigsaw blades is “toolpack 120mm 6tpi.” Professionals use these blades in order to have a variety of cutting styles in different ways. The brand offers three blades in each packet, whether one blade can cut fast coarse wooden sheets.

Quality of toolpack blade is HCS, and these are specially identified as Bayonet fitting blades. Well, you may consider them with T344D blades also because, these longest blades are sufficient to cut 100 mm wooden,30 mm Perspex, and 70 mm plastic sheets.